How are Windows Forms Controls Created and Rendered Onto a Form?

In order to answer this question, I will use a project that I created in a previous demo. This demo is available here You may clone the repository or download the code from here This post will cover how Windows Forms, or winforms for short, handles drawing controls on the forms. Examples of… Continue Reading →

Shapes, Objects, Classes, and Lists with Windows Forms

What are we creating? The main goal of this topic is to learn how to create and use classes and objects using windows forms. Along the way, you will learn about classes and objects, variables, scope, Lists, parameters, constructors, and events. This topic is going to be written to the beginner level, but experienced programmers… Continue Reading →

Working with Buttons in Windows Forms

Buttons allow users to interact with a winforms application. The most popular event that is used for buttons is the click event. An event is like a trigger for something to happen in the application. So it is like saying, “when this event happens, do this …”. So in this case, the event is that… Continue Reading →

Create a “Hello World” Winforms Application

The only tool that you need to create a Winforms application is Visual Studio. Some die-hard coders would probably tell you that they could do it with Windows Notepad, but I prefer to use Microsoft Visual Studio, and that is what I will use in all of my blog posts. Visual Studio Community Edition is… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Scope in C#

What is scope? The term Scope is all about the parts of an application where the same instance of a variable is accessible. Refer to the Box class below. Notice the Curly Braces, i.e. {This text is inside of opening and closing curly braces}. The Member variables m_iLength, m_iWidth, and m_iHeight are members of the… Continue Reading →

Classes and Objects

What is a Class? In the simplest terms, a Class defines an Object. A Class is used to define the characteristics of an Object. In other words, a Class describes what an object is made of and what it can do. The characteristics of a class are defined by its properties. What it can do… Continue Reading →

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